Hi, I’m Brian

Growing up in Manchester, I had the amazing opportunity to experience a variety of diverse cultures and cuisines. This opened my eyes to the vast range of flavors and ingredients that are used in different countries. From a young age, I was immersed in different cooking techniques and began to explore them. This ignited my passion for cooking and I decided to take it further by enrolling in a cooking school. There, I learned the fundamentals of the craft and continued to improve my skills. Eventually, I made the decision to become a professional chef and ended up here in the United States, running my own restaurant.

I focus on creating dishes that are both flavorful and healthy, with an emphasis on natural ingredients. I source my ingredients from local markets and farms and strive to create dishes that honor the cultures they come from. I am especially passionate about the flavors of my home country, and I often draw inspiration from traditional Manchester recipes. I am also constantly experimenting with new flavors and ingredients to keep my menu fresh and exciting. Overall, my goal is to provide my customers with a unique and unforgettable dining experience.

Brian at British Brew Pub

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The way of a chef

Brian is an award-winning chef who has been in the business for over 20 years. He has cooked for some of the most prestigious restaurants and hotels in the UK and beyond, including the Ritz and the Savoy. He also has a passion for cooking with locally sourced ingredients, and his dishes often reflect regional flavors. His signature dishes are noted for their creative use of spices and herbs, and he has been praised for his ability to elevate traditional British cuisine to a higher level. Brian has also been featured in a number of cooking shows, where he demonstrates his masterful skill and knowledge of the culinary world.

To share his favorite recipes of drinks and food in British style, plus some European special dishes, he created the website britishbrewpub.com. Brian is passionate about bringing the best of British cuisine to the table and his enthusiasm is palpable in his cooking. He is a master of flavor, texture and presentation, and his culinary creations are sure to please any palate.

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